I love the boys from Glee

The story of me finding Charlie, is that I didn’t find him. He found me - on set of Glee.



glee meme → eight characters [6/8]

"Well, that’s the funny thing about reputations. Everyone thinks I’m the big heartbreaker, but the fact of the matter is you broke mine first. Do me a favor. If we end up next to each other on the bar at ballet club this week, just do your arabesques and piques in silence. Don’t talk to me." - Jesse St. James

Mike Chang. Asian dancer.

Happy 29th Birthday, Jonathan Drew Groff (March 26, 1985)

@CoryMonteith: its super funny when people think i’m a Cory Monteith impersonator. I mean, that really makes me lol. I’m Cory Monteith! goodness.

Puck + Solos


Cory Monteith through the years

Grant Gustin recorded a message for a fan while filming The Flash pilot x